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  • Year: 2018
  • project: Atelier Cazzaro Costruzioni
  • Category: Office
  • Location: Trebaseleghe (PD), Italy
  • Author: Arch. Gianmarco Cazzaro
  • Photo: Federico Villa

The Atelier's headquarters will be used by the company to support customers in a path of choices and customizations regarding the residential contexts they perform.
The SHARP SMD ceiling lamps, distributed in an apparently random way, give the environment a high visual comfort, the equipped walls lit with A24 recessed track and VECTOR 55 allow an excellent reading of the vertical background.
The DISCOVERY VERTICAL , along the whole glass, give an external glance and facilitate the aspect of privacy for those inside. We have a bunch of GOPLE to identify the kitchen area, which can be used as needed during presentations or meetings.
Outside the project is completed with "O" to frame elements of greenery and architecture.

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